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2013-10-29 21:19:07 by zag

So many people talk about the fault within two-dimensional characters. To a degree, I've always been guilty of this myself. However, I ask you to view them with a different perspective. If you were a character in a story, would your actions really appear to be any less two-dimensional? At this point, you might be saying to yourself, "But my life ISN'T a story! It isn't meant to be epic and original. It isn't meant to be interesting enough to tell." The story however does not necessarily relate to a character's outward expression... Or in this case, your outward expression. If another individual were to view your life and hear your thoughts for one period of your life, would that mean that they really knew you?
In order to really know a character, you have to spend time conversing and interacting with them. You have to analyze their reactions, as well as their actions. Bella from Twilight may have been a wonderful, fascinating person, if you knew her. Her life at the point she was expressed perhaps did not show the best of her.
When it comes down to it, only a writer really knows their character and their deepest depths. There are of course writers that under-develop their characters, but whether or not there was actual under-development or they were merely under-expressed, you will never know.
And I'm not saying that you shouldn't judge a piece of literature for what you see it as. As a person, it is your right to judge. I merely ask you to acknowledge that if you could converse with that character with all of the heart and creation put into them that you never saw, you might be able to come away with a very different perspective on who they are.

But I'm just rambling and this was a surface thought I had. Perhaps I overlooked something. I typed this as it came to me. So, if you have any rebuttals or thoughts, I'd like to hear them.

The word of the day is "Cuntbanjo"

2012-10-17 03:38:30 by zag

Spread the word...

The word of the day is "Cuntbanjo"

I couldn't be sicker of my old newspost... (Fetishism)

2012-05-05 02:43:45 by zag

...Except for the picture. The picture is still amazing.
Anyway, this new one is going to be about a new subject... one I can't believe I haven't covered yet.

So tell me... do you have any fetishes?

I'll start by stating mine... because it would be hypocritical to ask you yours without first divulging a little bit of myself (Also, I'm an alleged attention whore)

Infantilism, Sadomasochism, Vore, Rape, Dom/sub, Vore, Gender-benders, Androgyny, Anal, Cum (if you consider anal or cum a fetish,) Incest, Androids, Abduction/Sex Trade, Tentacles, Bestiality, Humiliation, Degradation, Objectification, Shotacon, Torture, Exhibitionism, Butt plugs, watersports, Bathtub Play, Toilet Sex, Sleep Sex, Semi-anthropomorphic Humans (think catboys,) Corruption, Crying, Mental Instability, Divinity, Evil, Bondage, Petplay, Stuffed Animals, Interracial, Intersexuality, Lollipops, Omorashi, Fops/Dandies, Older Gentlemen (middle aged, not ancient,) Hedonism, Tickling, Teasing, Underwater, Vibrators, Whips, Electric Play, Branding, Fire Play, Blood Play, Garbage Play, Skunk Spray, Cemeteries, Prison, ass-to-mouth, Fisting and intersexuality (Thank you SolidToad!)

Some of those are things I'm interested in trying, others are things I've already tried...

Anyway, what are yours?

I'm a faggot...

2012-01-04 06:43:26 by zag

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a dick sucking, fudge packing faggot. discuss... or don't. I really don't give a fuck. I'm only making this topic because I'm sick of my old one and not creative enough to think of a new one right now.
here's a pretty picture of another faggot. enjoy it! :D

I'm a faggot...

so I'm thinking about moving...

2011-09-15 01:04:29 by zag

hello Newgrounders ^.^
I'm curious to hear your opinions on a certain subject, though it's unlikely anyone will change my mind.
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to move to New York City... with only about $1,100.
is that idea stupid? idiotic? absolutely horrible? yes... yes it is.
but I want to. more importantly, Rainy wants to. for those of you who don't already know, Rainy is my lover/sister thing.
anyway, we're bored and really don't have much left to lose.
so what are your thoughts on the matter?

now I remember.... anyway, here's some anime.

2011-08-18 03:43:44 by zag

now I remember why I didn't want to make a news post about my best friends on Newgrounds.
it's because, inevitably, I will fucking forget people and then they'll be whiny!

so instead of doing that, I'm going to list some anime that you need to watch.
if you don't like my list, your opinion is probably irrelevant (either that or I'm a newb who doesn't know the difference between good anime and shitty anime. your call, I guess...)

in a list of declining quality (more or less)
here it is!

1) Angel Beats!
2) Darker than Black (oh my god! Sevkat... I fucking owe you so badly for exposing me to this)
3) Death Note (cliche, yes... but I like the use of morality and the intricacies of the plot)
4) Dragon Ball Z (because I'm fucking nostalgic and no other anime I've seen goes into the entire lifespan of a character)
5) Angel Sanctuary (yay incest! yay angels! yay divine politics!)
6) Boku No Pico (the entire series is fucking adorable and I'm not ashamed to admit it <3)
7) Full Metal Alchemist (one of the darkest anime I've seen)
8) Elfen Lied (because it's more emotionally powerful than any other anime)
9) Gakuen Alice
10) Hetalia: Axis Powers (it's hilarious! the representation of Italy is amazing XD)
11) Samurai Champloo
12) High School of the Dead (zombies are some of the greatest things ever)
13) Kampfer (if only there weren't so many shitty sex jokes)
14) High School Rumble (one of only a few anime that actually make me LOL)
15) Yu Yu Hakusho ('cuz Hiei and Kurama)
16) Angelic Layer (CLAMP can do no wrong!)
17) Sailor Moon (who doesn't love Sailor Moon?)
18) Neon Genesis: Evangelion (last episode is a fucking acid trip!)
19) Nyan Koi (cursed man who's allergic to cats needs to do good deed for cats or else he'll turn into a cat.... cat, cat, cat, cat, cat)
20) DNA2 (that's squared, not two... and I found this one because of Sim-man's Simgirls. the characters and setting are based on the anime/manga)

that's all I'm putting for now...
if you think I forgot one, tell me.
if you have any recommendations, tell me.
if you want to tell me that one of them sucks, do so (I guess)
if you think I'm a shitty otaku faggot who needs a real hobby... go away.

I might add more later... as a matter of fact, I probably will.

fuck it! I'm doing a top list for a news post!

2011-08-15 07:30:38 by zag

alright... I'm just bored enough to fall into this fucking shit where I post my favorite users on my profile.
I swore before that I'd never do this, but I'm a hypocrite so fuck all y'all!

I've come to the conclusion that there are ten users that are my favorites.
if you think you belong on this list, then say so and I'll consider it (if I even know you!)

in no particular order, besides the order I think of the people in (because I said so)

1) Xenomit
2) Finalfina
3) SexualEmo
4) Sevkat (not that anyone reads old posts (I'm the fucking loser who still fucks with them) but I thought I'd mention that apparently, Sevkat and I are now e-lovers XD must have happened when I e-sucked her e-dick. anyway, thought you should know :D <3(and yes I put a parenthesis inside of a parenthesis... what'chu gon' du'bout it?)
5) Rummy0
6) Zion0153
7) SteelChair
8) ModernPatriot
9) MiloBased
10) Confucianism

if you made the list, great.
if you didn't, there's a reason (either you don't deserve it or you were forgotten. either way, now is the point where you feel bad about yourself and cry)

blah, blah, blah.... whatever.
now here's a picture!

fuck it! I'm doing a top list for a news post!

fun with spam.... no, not the meat!

2011-07-29 23:49:15 by zag

here's a conversation I had with a user on Newgrounds. he was a troll... the most fun troll I've ever talked to XD

hateyou1: Vaginas are supposed to turn you on, not penises. You are a homosexual and a dummy lol!

me: thank you for your epic wisdom...
I'll correct that problem now.
seriously... thank you so much for saving me from the fiery pits of hell!
I owe my existence to you.
tell you what. my first born child is yours.

hateyou1: Homosexuality comes from Satan you dummy. The closer you get to homosexuality, the closer you are to Satan. Dummy lol!

me: it's funny that you mention that... Satan's dick is in my ass right now!
what a coincidence!
I feel like we've shared a moment. will you be my best friend?

hateyou1: Hey dummy, have fun being judged before God when you die. I'm sure he won't be too happy with your ways of life. Oh well, at least God made me so that I'm not a dummy like you you dummy lol.

me: you're right... I envy you. please... show me the way of the lord....
and then fuck me. I feel as though we could be having the raunchiest, gayest sex ever.
fuck me hateyou1! fuck me!

hateyou1: Blocked for being a homosexual dummy. Go screw your dog. I heard that was where the hot sex is found nowadays for you dummies!

me: don't block me my love!!!
we can both fuck my dog... wait... I don't have a dog!
let's buy a dog together!


2011-07-28 03:43:02 by zag

Hello there person who has happened upon my page.
I decided not too long ago that my next Newgrounds post would be about belief (so here we are!)
anyway, I'm an omnist. in case you're not aware of the term, that means that I believe all of the gods exist.
however, my particular beliefs are a bit deeper than that. I believe that in the beginning, there was nothing (who I interpret to be the Shinto god, Amatsu Mikaboshi)
however, nothing mutated and created the illusion of reality. within this illusion, there were beings with some sort of consciousness. through the power of thought, they were able to create parallel realities through their own creativity. each of the beings in the new reality also had that power until eventually, a near infinite number of realities were born.
that is the origin of reality. few other religions have been able to answer that particular problem (of a god's birth) but I've managed to do so (so... I'm fucking proud!)
then we come to earth. here, we have more beings with the ability to think.
these beings decided to create gods to worship, since they didn't know from whence they came (like various other beings in different realities have also most likely done)
by doing this, the gods that we know to be were given birth. in other words, I believe that mortals gave birth to gods rather than gods creating mortals.
those gods (in my belief system) exist in order to gather human souls, which give them their power. they do this through gaining belief and worship from the humans who give it to them.

anyway... that sums up the surface of my beliefs.
how about you? any thoughts or metaphysical theories which explain the reality around us?
these "thoughts" can either be your own, or beliefs that you've gathered from your parents (and of course, society)

what is evil?

2011-07-23 06:48:57 by zag

truth be told, this probably isn't the greatest time to make a new news post. it's almost seven AM and I'm exhausted. that having been said, I'm inspired so I'm making one anyway.
unfortunately, this is interactive and I have so few people posting so it probably won't be much fun...
even so, I have a question to ask, even if it is heard by no one.
What is evil?
in your opinion, make makes any particular person, act or circumstance evil?
does it have anything to do with the seven deadly sins and their connection to the human heart? is incest evil because it is somehow lustful? is murder evil for greed or wrath rather than the sanctity of a human life?
of course not... but tell me then. what is evil and why?
emotional answers will suffice but I'd rather see logic to be honest.